How to quickly batch resize, compress, and convert images with a Bash one-liner

Victoria Drake on October 14, 2019

Part of my Hugo site continuous deployment workflow is the processing of 210 images, at time of writing. Here’s my one-liner: find public/ -not ... [Read Full]
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You should write a blog post that does the same thing using sharp!


Great one liner. Was looking for something just like this. Thanks!


Sweet! You're welcome Brett!


Super cool! I also was looking for this kind of automation. Thank you!


And here I was foolish around using a Python library for this when there's a CLI tool :D


I think my work here is done. 😁


Can you please explain more about parallel workers and why are you using 8 parallel workers?


Having more workers allows you to process more data (in this case images) at the same time. The workers can process different chunks of the image. Number of workers will match the number of CPU cores you have on your computer. This is the same technique you would adopt when compiling code rather than wait for data to be processed sequentially.


You're welcome! Hope it was useful to you!


I actually needed something like this. Thank you so much!


Glad to hear it! You're welcome!

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