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Victor Leung
Victor Leung

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On my family life in the future

My ideal family would be a place that I can feel recharged after exhausting all my energy at work. On the weekends, I would be able to spend some quality time with my partner to do something we both enjoy doing, learn something new, travel or try out a new experience with happy moments to share. The time that not just physically present, but also mentally together without the distractions from our phones and forget about the worries at work for a short moment.

These moments would remain in our memory, such that it makes our life worthwhile, it’s worth it to work hard and earn money to support this family life, it’s meaningful to live with a soulmate who can support each other’s ambitions and get a shared sense of purpose in life.

There is a lot of work to do to support children, not just financially, but also need to take good care, and educate the kid to be a better person, with a mindset that can grow and demonstrate the positives things of human being, such as kindness. The world is a cruel place and there is no point to have the next generation if all they got in this world is only suffer. My kids would hate me to bring them to our world if I didn’t have a good life and they have to share with me my terrible life.

Therefore I remain optimistic and still believe that there is something good about living and something meaning during the process of suffering. My children are likely to encounter a lot of difficulties in their lives, but I would educate them to stay positive and see the bright sides.

This kind of life attitude is where our energy comes from to recharge and refresh our mind. This makes us more proactive and tries to contribute to our community whenever we could. This family help us to deal with all the difficulties and provides a sense of belonging, instead of a defeated by the hardship in the reality. Our relationship would be improved via communication and we would be able to share this common mission with our family members.

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Salor99 • Edited on

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I have created a large family. We are planning to build a house. The family is big, so we need a lot of funds to pay for our dream. The dream house will be two-story. I want to make a balcony with access to the terrace. The windows will be with blinds. And the entrance doors will be steel.