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Victor Yarema

The is also a terrible lie in the article. It states that "A Simple Workflow" has a drawback like "Many merge conflicts". At the same time it says nothing about the amount of conflicts in case of "Gitflow Workflow". The truth is that the amount of conflicts has absolutely NOTHING to do with workflow and is totally the same in any workflow.

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ann lin Author

You're right on this one. The amount of conflicts does not depend purely on the type of workflow. I've not added any context to the merge conflict point which causes confusion and a terrible lie.

Given a scenario where 2 developers work on the same file and the same piece of code and commit frequently, it would result in frequent merge conflicts. Of course the two developers can sit together to resolve the issues together in the beginning to prevent more conflicts. However this may occur regularly and result in a waste of time. Personally, I just feel that it's more productive to resolve the conflicts once and for all when the features are done.