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Discussion on: Why are you afraid of DevOps?

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Vikram Kadiam • Edited

I think the tools & integration that needs to make CI/CD work is still kind of complicated IMO depending on the type of app you built and where you are deploying. I'm not saying there are no easy ways like for static sites GitHub + Netlify + GH actions are pretty straightforward.

But at an enterprise level, apps become so complex & their integration with some DevOps tools become so hard & tedious process. Due to many constraints like legacy frameworks, security restrictions, not enough support & many more ., causing developers to put some hacks on top of existing processes and make the CI/CD work.

This makes the whole thing risky & causes fear among dev when they hear they need to setup CI/CD process. And don't forget management/manager doesn't think DevOps need good enough time to achieve but they want it for sure as it sounds cool & in quick time.

There is still a long way to go !

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Ido Shamun Author

Might be that DevOps is still pretty young, I believe in the future we can expect many more toolings to lower the barrier of entry.