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Discussion on: Hi I'm Vinay, a SRE who likes to help people solve problems. Ask Me Anything!

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Vinay Hegde Ask Me Anything • Edited on

Great question Louis, really appreciate it. Here's some of my pointers on it:

  1. Always ask questions, especially the why on something has to be done before beginning work. This will not only give you more perspective but also help you avoid becoming mechanical.

  2. Work on learning things 1 at a time to avoid confusion, frustration and burnout.

  3. Invest time in activities such as attending Meetups, Conferences, Conducting Interviews (A recent learning having a tremendous impact), Blogging (Both personal & professional of wherever you're currently employed). The vibe of such things is infectious!

  4. Focus on remaining calm since it'll power you to be logical & prove useful when debugging.

  5. Lastly, be humble enough to realize someone with lesser experience & exposure than you could be much smarter. Connect with them to improve your shortcomings.