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Automatically upload on ftp with VsCode after git pull or external change: any good extension?

Vincenzo Di Vico
I'm a web developer based in Italy. I use Laravel, PHP and Javascript. My favourite editor is VSCode. Beside programming i like gym, books, star wars and football
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I'm searching an extension for VsCode that can upload automatically all the fil changed after a git pull, or any modification with other external editor.
I've seen PHPStorm have this, and can upload either pull make when is running than when is closed, at the startup moment.
I've tried to replicate this on VsCode with SFTP, but this not worked. The file where uploaded only when I save them.

Someone have an extension (or SFTP configuration) to suggest me?

Or some method external from VsCode that can work the same? i'm using MacOs Catalina.

Thanks to all who will reply :)

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