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Best Practices for Securing Your Vulnerable REST APIs

Why API security is a typical issue. Most web and versatile applications are security tried sooner or later yet APIs barely stand out. This implies you might have weaknesses in your creation APIs.

For instance, suppose you have a fintech application. It does things like records, moves, and so forth. It has portable/web UIs for playing out these tasks. You could have tried all the UI ways are simply open to a validated client. Some of the time API endpoint like the one beneath is left unstable on the grounds that without acknowledgment and any programmer/bot can get it and consistently make a point to focus on a feed of late exchanges. The best way to fix these sorts of imperfections is to recognize them before they're taken advantage of.

Example endpoint with the flaw:
GET: /transactions - Any bot can access it without authentication because it has a broken authentication flaw.

One easy way to detect an OWASP API2 vulnerability or security flaw in your APIs is to use open-source tools like Burp and EthicalCheck. Using these tools is very simple. All you need is your OpenAPI Specification/Swagger URL and get an instant report.

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