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The Best RSpec Extension for VSCode

Some months ago I used VSCode to write Go code and specs. The default Go extension for VSCode ships with a neat text explorer feature. Unfortunately, at that time, I searched for something similar for Ruby, but I couldn’t find anything.

Many thanks to Connor Shea, VSCode now has a similar extension working with RSpec and Minitest.

It’s built on top of the Test Explorer UI extension, by Holger Benl. This extension provides an interface for running and visualizing your test suite directly from the editor. There are plenty of adapters for JavaScript, C, C++, Python and now Ruby.

I have been using the Ruby adapter for some time now, and it’s really improving my workflow. For me, it required a little bit of tweaking to make it work, but it was rewarding.

You can install this extension here. And to save you some time, here’s my configuration for RSpec:

    "rubyTestExplorer.logpanel": true,
    "rubyTestExplorer.testFramework": "rspec",
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