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Configure vendor downloadable products in Purpletree opencart Multivendor

A downloadable product in Opencart Multivendor extension can be anything that vendor/admin can deliver as a file to customers/buyers, such as an eBook, PDF file, online Antivirus license key, video, software application, or any kind of software update. Admin/Vendor can offer an album for sale, and sell each song individually. You can also use a downloadable product to deliver an electronic version of your product catalog. It is very easy to create a downloadable product for the vendor on the Opencart store.
Creating a Downloadable Product as Vendor in Purpletree Multivendor Extension
· The first thing the vendor needs to do that login as a seller by clicking on Seller Login on the header of the website.
· Now, you moved to Seller Dashboard In the dashboard you can see the Dashboard icon please click on that icon.
· After clicking on the download button you can see the Downloads listing. Here you can see a blue color add button, to create a downloadable product.
· Please enter your downloadable name and upload the file which vendor wants to sell to customers/buyers. Then finally clicks to Save button
· You have created the downloadable file. Now, you need to assign that downloadable item to the product. To do that please go to Seller products > Add/Edit any product from the seller product list.
· In this step, you have assigned the downloadable item to the product. Please, Clicks to Data tab > Downloads > Select the downloadable item from the autocomplete dropdown then finally clicks to the continue button.
· Our downloadable product is ready to sell whenever customers checkout this product after clearing the payment then the product will automatically download. That downloadable product will visible in the seller orders listing.
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