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Default Return Status for Purpletree Magento 2 RMA extension

Purpletree RMA with SMS for Magento 2 allows the customer to easily return the product and admin can easily identify the customer issue with all the raised requests by the customer. Both admin and customer can communicate with each other regarding the issue. Admin and customer both would get Email Notification regarding queries by each other and admin can also configure the extension to Send SMS to the customer. Customers can easily Raise the Return request and can view the Return Request Status from there account.
Return Request can only be raised only if Order Status has been completed. The customer would not be able to raise the return request if the order status is Pending or Processing. There is some Default Status which needs to be set when you install the extension. You can just Enable the Extension with a valid license key if you don't want to change the Default Stats set by us. We have given a lot of options in Configuration to use the extension as per needs and all the settings give the Magento RMA process more Flexibility for using.
General Configuration
Module Enable - To Enable the module Select Yes in here, or you can disable the module anytime by selecting No.
License Key - Enter Valid License key you get from Purpletree Software after your purchase. This is required to use for the extension.
License Status - This will be Set automatically if you have entered the valid License key.
Default Return Status - This will be the default status once the admin receives the return request. by any customer. Default is Set to Received
Default Resolution - This will be set the Default resolution when the Customer Raised a new return request. The default is set to Exchange.
Return Request Deadline - Customer would be able to request a Return for any order only if the number of days defined in this filed has not been passed after the order placed.
Terms and Condition - There are terms to which customers must agree while initiating Order Return.
Order Status - Our extension adds some order status in Magento on Installation, so in the options below all the Status of only Complete State will come in all options below.
Partial Return Initiated Status - This will be the Default Status of the order once the customer raised the Return request of only some products in the order. By default, it is set to Partial Return Initiated.
Partial Return Completed Status - This will be the Status set to main order once the return request of only some products gets Completed. The default is set to Partial Return Completed.
Full Return Initiated Status - This will be the Status of Order set to the main order once the return request of All Products in order is Received. The default is set to Full Return Initiated.
Full Return Completed Status - This will be the Status of Main order once the return request is completed of All Products the Order. Default is Set to Full Return Completed.
By setting all the Above Configuration, it would be easy to use the Purpletree Magento 2 RMA with was for both Customer and admin. No need to worry about each return request. Just set the Default Status of all the options above and left the rest of the things with Purpletree Magento RMA extension.
More details of Purpletree RMA with SMS for Magento2 can be found here.

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