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How to Manage Commission In Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension

How to calculate and manage commission on excel? Which formulae should I apply? How can I view the commission received by the admin or seller? Really difficult to track for e-commerce businesses and finding the best solution for it, is important. Calculating the commission of each product sell and maintaining its record is one of the hectic and tedious activities that every online business has to do.

The commission is a payment that can be made to an employee for his service or to a seller based on the terms and conditions of buying something through the seller. There are various kinds of commission models used in businesses, and they've seen both online and in physical storefronts.

Let’s have a quick look at the Magento multivendor extension offered by Purpletree Softwares for the commission calculation module, which helps to set, view and calculate the commission in a simple and reliable way.

After a successful installation of the Magento multi-vendor marketplace extension, we need to configure by logging-in via the admin panel to calculate and receive the commission.
Enter the commission for admin of seller products for the category of products to be sold. By default value is set to 10.

Seller Commission
In this seller page, we can view the commission receivable by admin for each completed order for this particular Seller.

How can an Admin view commissions
Through the admin panel, admin can view commissions of all the orders of sellers.

Add/Set Commission
This can be done by admin only who can assign the category of commission applicable to the products in a category.

Add commission percent for each product sold by a seller.
Expand the tree and click the radio buttons to select the category.
Save commission.
Edit Commission
If the commission is to be edited, just click the plus sign of the tree and check the selected categories.

How and at when Commission would be calculated
The commission can be calculated after the completion of the order. The admin will get the commission automatically after the completion of the invoice and shipment of any order. There are three criteria for the calculation of the commission.

Commission based on category basis: Here the commission is based on all the products of a category.
Commission based on seller: Here the commission is based on the number of products sold by a seller.
Commission on a global basis: This is applicable to all products mentioned on the website.
The commission is checked first on a category basis, then on a seller basis and then on a global. It means that the commission on the category basis is checked first but if that product is available in more than one category, the maximum value of the commission is selected. If the category commission is not properly defined, then the commission is paid according to the seller commission. If that too is not defined, then a global basis commission is considered.

The commission list will be updated only after the completion of an order.

Registration of a seller

If anybody wants to become a seller, then he has to create a customer id and then he has to select a checkbox to become a seller. After that, the person has to enter a URL for his store. Then the user has to click Create the Account. An Ajax call will check the uniqueness of the URL and then the account will be created.

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