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Discussion on: What language or tool are you curious about, but have not found the time to use or learn?

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Vishnumohan R K • Edited on

I saw on twitter most people saying that redux has become redundant with the introduction of hooks and Context. Also there is a new state management library recoil by facebook themselves.
I should have said any third party state management library.
This article by Kent C Dodds gives more insights on using one.

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Kostia Palchyk

Good article, thx for sharing!
As a redux user, I have to add the "useReducer/Provider" approach to my to-try list. This JS fashion is changing so fast.. 😓

Just wanted to add: never feel bad because you haven't tried something yet. There always will be something new to try. And that new thing probably will have it's downsides either. Give it a chance when you feel it's time, don't push yourself 🙂