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re: I've worked with an open-source raytracer called POV, as in "point of view". POV is a fine example of OOP. It was entirely written in C. C, as e...

Thanks for the comment!

I also think that "coding FP" in a non-FP language is not the best. However, I think one can get used to some of the concepts in a language of his or her preference. As you said, it is just a tool.
After the phase of adaptation I would jump to a FP language like Haskell or F# too. I started with Haskell back at college and never had a bad time with it, but I've seen lots of people saying that it is too hard to digest at first.
Moreover, this quote truly exhales what I've been feeling for the past year regarding OOP. I never tried F# myself (nor books), but I will definitely look at the book after reading this.
Following your thoughts: once you find you can use a screwdriver rather than a hammer, it feels much better. And you know it is right.

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