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Discussion on: Importing Existing Infrastructure to Terraform

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Vivekanand Rapaka Author

The suggested way is to keep the tfstate file in a storage account rather than in Azure DevOps and have it configured as remote backend..please see my other post on using terraform with Azure devops.

Hope this helps.

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Ankur Sinha

So If I import state file and store it in Azure Storage and give path to this state file in the Azure DevOps , will it create a new state file or pick this one ?

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Vivekanand Rapaka Author • Edited

You should be giving the configuring location of the tfstate file in your terraform script rather than Azure DevOps as below and Configure Azure DevOps Pipelines to run:

terraform {
backend "azurerm" {
resource_group_name = "StorageAccount-ResourceGroup"
storage_account_name = "abcd1234"
container_name = "tfstate"
key = "prod.terraform.tfstate"