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_stats in elasticsearch

Interpretation of right data give you a lot of insights, and how to fetch those data plays an important role, Here we are going to see how to use _stats API to retrieve stats data.

GET my-index/_stats/
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This API presents you with lots of data and interpreting the data and creating a meaning out of it, comes with right learning.

We are mainly going to focus on getting specific data from _stats.

Objects from _stats output can be divided in 3 groups:

  • Indexing includes ==> indexing, merge, refresh, flush, fielddata, segments, translog
  • Searching includes ==> get, search, query_cache, request_cache
  • others ==> docs, store, warmer, completion, recovery

Instead of blindly typing <my-index>/_stats it is very important to access specific data and limited data to focus on interpretation.

To know about indexing, try GET my-index/_stats/indexing

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