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How I started coding with slow living and fast living

As my first blog I will start with my coding journey with different circumstances.

This is meant to create awareness and share knowledge for people who’s dreaming big without necessary skills, knowledge and support to learn coding.

I am lucky enough to be here in person but, before coming to this point I struggled back in the Philippines. My parents got separated when I was 7 years old and my mom had to come here in the United States to work so she can feed me and my 3 siblings. I was left with my abusive relative, I grew up with obnoxious behaviour and rebellious because I was constantly compared to my peers. Most of them have a nice family, eating decent food together and always prepared for school and homework. I was living without any goals or purpose in life. I was a sore loser.

My life in the Philippines was in slow lane I was enjoying life with friends, spending the weeks at the beach and island hopping.

Despite that experience my mom persisted and forced me to go to college, I got my degree in Business Management. I've been always curious about computers and technology I wish I took computer science. Unfortunately It's not a big field in the Philippines.

That being said my life back in the Philippines was completely different than today. With all the trauma in life I decided to turn my life around I seeked for medical help and I was diagnosed of borderline personality disorder. The causes of it is mainly environmental factor being a victim of emotional and physical abuse. being exposed to chronic fear or distress as a child. being neglected by one or both parents.

I decided to follow my passion of technology and took 3D Animation, I worked in data center as NOC technician but I realized that I want more. That's when I decided to learn how to code.

Slow lifestyle

Slow living is a lifestyle emphasizing slower approaches to aspects of everyday life. Don't think about traveling back in time! It’s about using technology as a tool instead of technology using you.

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Fast lifestyle

Many people live the fast life. From actors, athletes, and rock stars to inner city suburban youth and coders!. You might be living the fast life right now. With our busy life we need a shortcut or a help in order to keep with our fast life. Eating fast food, Working remotely etc.

The fast life features prominently in pop culture. Music videos portray the fast life as glamorous and exciting. Who engages in heavy drinking and/or drug use in an attempt to have more fun or quick answers to internal questions. Movies portray characters like James Bond as living an exciting fast life full of women, adventure, and intrigue. Live fast, die young is glamorized.

We are living in the future!!

I got this phrase from my colleague named Rohit Pratti. He’s always fascinated how we are living now in fast lifestyle. From pixelated video game to virtual reality.

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People every day are constantly living at a fast pace which is making them feel like their lives are chaotic.

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Find balance

Coding bootcamp is definitely a fast pace. Sometime I question myself should I be here? or should I persist. What I realized is finding a balance between and how to manage it to go through it

We have to find balance in order to achieve both advantages of slow and fast life

10 ways to get started with busy lifestyle

1, Understand busyness and that it is a choice
2, Define what is most important to you(essentials)
3, Say “no” to everything else(nonessentials)
4, Start slow and small by downshifting
5, Practice being present
6, Create space and margin in your day(and life)
7, Adopt slow information diet
8, Commit to put your life before work
9, Get outside physically to connect dots mentally
10, Find inspiration in slow living community and apply it on your fast living

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