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Now let's install React already

Ok so a lot of information. Now let's install React onto our system.

Project Structure

  1. Create a folder called reactJs.
  2. Inside that create a myApp folder.
  3. Inside that create a public folder.
  4. Inside this folder create an index.html file.


React is a JS library so it is available as a CDN (Content Delivery Network).


    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>
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React needs two libraries to work.

  1. The first one [react@16.0.0] we have added contains the core syntax of React like createElement() function etc.
  2. The second one [react-dom@16.0.0] is ReactDOM. This is used to render elements basically.

We will need one more guy called Babel to help us out.

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