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Discussion on: Linux's commands and tricks I'm using in my daily job as a developer

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Vladimir Nikolic

Your title is misleading kind of.
Says commands you use in daily job, implies you are using them every day? Or that you use those command in your daily job as developer. If second whats your night job?
I dont see any command i would run daily.
Sorry to say but i dont see any of these commands so useful for daily work.
Hard to believe you would be executing ssh -L{port on your PC}:localhost:{database's port} root@{server IP} daily (or almost) instead of creating an alias, same as for the other longer command you mention.
Or this:
0 22 * * 1-5 /opt/scripts/ 2>/var/log/scripts/report-error.log
Really? Almost daily?
Cant take this seriously :)