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Discussion on: 10 mistakes React developers make

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Vlatko Vlahek

I also agree that TS is definitively a big step up over prop-types, especially because interfaces resolve almost immediately when writing your code, so you will catch these types of errors immediately without even running the app in most instances.

I've been using absolute paths in VSCode forever, so I'm interested in what annoying bugs are you referring to? The only ones that I know are tied to React-Native development, but this is tied to the TS transpiler plugin used there, and not the VSCode itself.

I have personally used rxjs in react for reading socket datastreams, but not for state management. Why do you think it is a good alternative for that case? Redux has it's own problems, but it is relatively straightforward to learn (at least compared to rxjs from my perspective), and works really well for its purpose.

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Saurabh Sharma

Even with my limited experience of prop-types. I would say TypeScript has far better features to accurately define the types.