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Discussion on: We Should All Be Writing WET Code

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Do any situations come to mind that could illustrate composition over DRY or WET?

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Ingo Steinke

You mentioned a modal component that is used to display various types of notifications. Instead of adding more parameters to one common component, you could have different components that use this one combined with other components / interfaces like buttons, groups of buttons, style wrappers etc.

I found Alexi Taylor's article: React Component Patterns worth reading. It explains composition patterns using practical examples in ReactJS.

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Nieuwe Pixels

Right, I think "modular" is the key here. Can we set up the component in such a way, that we can expand on it if needed, without breaking anything else. Atomic design could be of great benefit here.

// base styles
@extends ._base_popuptitle;

You could extend it any way needed. Be thoughtfull though, to not be too specific, but stay somewhat generic.

This can be applied then for each contentsection you have or add later, without breaking stuff.

It's something you need to get the hang off, but it can help greatly.