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re: I don't think the email example is an effective way to communicate. Here's what I think is a much nicer form: If you are able to go and are inter...

I can't thank you enough for the elaborate comment.
Honestly, this makes me quite shameful, however, I think I have to keep it in my heart.

My frivolous excuse for && was that they were my friend from school, and we've learnt only Python and Java in school so far. It would be a very little bit better if it was JS. Or not. :-(
Still, I am aware that I often write horrible run-on sentences and the main purpose was that avoid those. I am trying to use '.' and ',' whenever seems appropriate. However, my writings get bad really quickly, and even I can't "decryption" it many times.
I should agree that numbering would be a much better option.

I also agree that there must be a reason that others don't do it that way. Probably that is a part of the reason I love Mathematics.

For the "duplicated conditions", I have no idea why but I wanted to do it in a redundant way, just like I would do it when I actually talk. Probably it's not good even for verbal communication as well. I'm guilty.

If I may confess to you a bit of TMI, as you might be able to guess, this is not all of my problems.
Another one which is not the last one is that I often say a bad joke with lack of context provided.
I'm often tempted to play a person who totally misunderstands the situation, or who have a really bad mindset.
However, many times, I fail to explain that, "It's not my real stance and I am just kidding". (<- see this horrible sentence <- guilty)

Another TMI confess is that: Language related courses have been always my weak point since I was a little kid. Part of the reason I do blogging is to practice writing, but many times I feel sorry for making my readers horrible texts.

ps. btw, this comment cost me almost an hour and it's still not looking good. I'm that bad.


Writing is hard. I was lucky enough to have honors language class in middle School and high school which gave brutal feedback. Feedback can be uncomfortable but it can help a lot! You just need a lot of practice, and to collect a lot of constructive criticism over a lot of time. Blogging is a great way to get better!

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