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Migrate My Blog to

After wandering between different blog solutions, I tend to look for a stable platform to ensure that I am actually writing articles instead of writing blog framework or something.

About a month ago, I made a beautiful(maybe) prototype of my dream blog, and plan to implement it by Rails in six months. But the development process killed my interest, and made me realize how great a full-stack engineer really is.

Fortunately I learned a lot during the development process and accumulated a lot of articles, not just focus on Rails or ruby. Although some of the articles doesn't fit well on -- a platform where developers gather, I still want to use it to archive my words (I'll make sure that they'll not violate community rules)

As for that project (toreality), I choose to forget about it for the time being and wait until I have enough time and knowledge before making a decision.

The last word:

puts 'hello,!'
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