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Discussion on: I Quit My Software Project To Get Healthy!

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Valery Silaev

Have you ever been on a good project, with good people, only to find when you really think about it you're not effective in your current role?

Yep. I was being in this situation several times, mostly when I was used as a DevOp guy instead of doing software architecture / development or when I were assigned in the middle of a large project, running on some undocumented proprietary framework. Though, in later case, I can't assure that people was "good enough", while I got near to zero support from their side.

The best thing to do in this situation is to escalate the issue eagerly. You are stressed, when you're stressed - you're not productive, when your are not productive, at least up to clients / management expectations, - complains from clients will follow shortly. So escalate the issue yourself. And as soon as possible. What all management hates is the situation when things turn bad and they are unaware about it. If management is warned in advance from you - it's a pretty normal situation. Normal, because it's controllable.

When I was much more younger and much less polite, I told to my manager once: "You are hitting nails with the microscope. And the microscope is me". )) It worked, regardless of the wording I used, because it was said at the right time.

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Jayme Edwards 🍃💻 Author • Edited on

This is really interesting and insightful. Thanks for sharing your story!