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Discussion on: Share a quick tip you learned about web dev this year

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Vitor Paladini • Edited

Oooh, I know a good one!

copy() on Chrome DevTools (other browsers probably) adds to your clipboard anything you use as an argument.

That gets really powerful when you use it with "Store as global variable". That way you can log a huge server response, for instance, and copy it from the Dev Tools console.

Here's an example:


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Basti Ortiz (Some Dood)

I use this all the time when I want to quickly do some web scraping on-the-fly. A little bit of Array#map chaining can easily automate what would have been million Ctrl + Cs.

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Uriel Bitton Author • Edited

nice one! i'll remember this one :)

Thanks for sharing

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This is so cool