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How are you going to chill this weekend? 🏖

vtrpldn profile image Vitor Paladini ・1 min read

Ahh, Friday at last.

A fair amount of rest and relaxation can improve your mood and make you even more productive, so be sure to have some leisure time this weekend if you're able to.

With that in mind, tell me how you'll take your mind off work this weekend 😄


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I want to play unstable unicorns with my family, play with my parent's dog, play epic 7, draw a little but... I'll probably end up just sleeping away the weekend as I always do xD

I might get some drawing done cause I'm learning a little bit about perspective from a book and I'm actually having fun with it :3


If that game plays as fun as it sounds I'm sure you'll have a great time! No shame in getting enough sleep as well, gotta do that self-care 😴


it is fun!! I recommend it, especially for big groups. There are several expansion packs that we want to try out but the base game itself is pretty fun already :D

I love card/board games but with since covid started my opportunities to play with friends pretty much ceased. I'll keep that game in mind next time I'm looking for a new one to buy 🦄🦄🦄


I live in Portland, Oregon in the U.S. and our state (and almost the entire West Coast) is suffering from awful wildfires. We are packed and ready to evacuate at a moment's notice!

With that being said, I intend to find ways to unwind in spite of the stress whenever I can. Lucky to have an indoor spin bike so as long as we can stay here, I'll be using that! I'm also going to go to the library and try some sculpting :)


I'm sorry to hear that, Gracie. I've seen the news about it and the situation looks pretty dire, I hope that the fire subsides and that you and everyone around you stay safe!

And props to you for having a spin bike at home and actually using it for exercise instead of as a clothes hanger 😄


Thank you! ❤️

And it's a "hybrid" model: both an exercise machine and a clothes-hanger


So sorry to hear! We have friends in the same boat. Stay safe!


Thank you! Keeping your friends in my thoughts!


Sounds weird but deep cleaning the house! Haven't done it in a while and I feel so relaxed after 😄


I'll +1 that. Just came back from the manual car wash. Now it's time to do the house.


That doesn't sound like the textbook definition of relaxation but definitely not weird 😄

There is joy in feeling super tired but also super happy with a sparkling clean home.


Haha yes exactly, you get it!


I know that I'll enjoy an amazing Brazilian Barbecue with my family and get plenty of sunlight. ☀️


Same here! I'm loving this mini-summer in the middle of the winter 😁


Yeah! A mild winter-summer is a much more pleasant kind of heat than our crazy hot summer-summer haha


This comment section is so wholesome!


I am exploring writing a pinball game in javascript.


So I ended up trying to make a ramp generator because trying to make ramps in blender was driving me nuts. I don't want to learn how to use blender!
Screenshot of the Ramp Generator
I'm using ExtrudeBufferGeometry with a Cubic Bezier Curve in three.js. I don't like the way it twists the shape, (I want the ramp surface and walls to stay horizontal) so I might end up modifying ExtrudeBufferGeometry or writing my own version.


Building shelves and more episodes of The Great British Baking Show.


Building shelves as in woodworking? That sounds rad! In my personal experience programmers that have some kind of hands-on DIY hobby seem happier


Yep! Helping a friend hang some custom built shelves in his garage. Apparently he liked mine so much he wanted some too. I love wood working, car mechanics programming and long walks down every aisle at Target with the wife. ;)

I can see myself getting into wood working in the future! I miss being creative with real-life stuff but that is a hard hobby to manage while living in a small apartment, haha.

I also partake in that kind of retail marathon, my wife and I always write a shopping list before going out for groceries but every time we get lost in that sea of aisles and spend hours wandering through the store. It is one of the joys of adult life, I guess 😄

while(weekend) {

Gonna Watch Back to the Future Movie Part 2 and play Just Cause 3 😄


Hah, Friday...... We have school lessons on Saturdays 🦄