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Java SimpleDateFormat... every time for 20+ years.


That and String.format when it's not a simple %s


It makes me happy to know that some things never change, haha.


Yeah, I can never remember this!


Regular expressions in general, i've used to do the same for reduce but then I saw one definition that I always remember


Reduce argument order was a common search for me as well, but repeating "prev, curr, ind, arr" a million times eventually made me learn it 😄


"acc, item".. was the one that done it for me, I don't know why I always found it "prev" wierd, like, it's not the previous value is the accumulation of the previous values, I know that you can argue that "prev" means the previous returned value, but I always got confused because of this 😄 it's funny how much naming is important in programming and how different people have a different understanding of the names


regex is a classic, I've been through the whole HackerRank's regex course last year but still find myself searching for specific regex patterns


Exactly, I was considering to learn everything there is on it (like taking some advanced course or smth), tho I decided not to. While you know what you can do with it and it's use cases, you can quickly search it up thanks to sites like RegExr and Regex101.


Even now I don't know it that well I have to constantly keep googling it to remember different patterns. If we used it day to day then I think we would learn it better. I watched a video where a developer was using regex for daily productivity.


How to make a triangle in CSS. You know those that you apply on :after.


Every single haystack/needle argument order for any PHP function that uses them.
I mean did the core team meeting go like:
Dev1: Hey let's decide the order for arguments in array functions.
Dev1: I think we should use the order; needle, haystack, optional.
Dev2: That's not fun. Let the order always be random, also let's make those functions also solve several problems at once so we can have more arguments thrown in.
Rest of devs: Applauds


For PHP in general, DateTime, DateTimezone, and how to create a format string for the DateTime::format() method.

For WordPress, the parameters for wp_enqueue_script() and wp_enqueue_style().


I also always look for Datetime and strtotime function in PHP 🤣


Its the kind of thing, you tend to forget all the time 😂😂


Not sure if you can call it "code", but I need to lookup css all the time.


CSS might not be a programming language but it is a kind of code nonetheless 🙂

One CSS thing that I always search for is gradients syntax and display: grid stuff


It's totally a programming language... / but - it's ok if you don't agree.

background-image: url($url); - is a function that goes and sends an HTTP request for an image based on an argument.


CSS in general probably doesn't count - because it's like - an entire language / but "Is it text-decoration or font-style...?" - is surely what this discussion is about! haha


It does count, yes! 😄

For me if it is a matter of property name DevTools suggestions works great. But if it is a whole concept like Grid, Gradients or Flexbox, then I have to search it


Always is the datetime UNIX formats. I just don't get this hehe.


I've come to a conclusion that, no mater how experienced you are, dealing with Date always require some hours of googling.


JavaScript slice and indexOf.
PHP map, filter and reduce. I always forget the order of the arguments.

new MessageFormat("I just want to format {0} {1}").format("strings","easily");

Every damn time :D I just can't remember it, but need it so often.
LocalDate is a great candidate was well. I still use my Calendar until I remember there's something newer/fancier with LocalDate


I google for for loop syntax every time I switch technologies I use. I used to develop application in PHP with Twig templating, now I work in Node.js and Angular. The hardest thing to remember is when to type in or of :D

{% for user in users %} - in Twig we have in <array>

*ngFor="let item of items" - in Angular we have of <array>



Literally all string and array functions since I switch between 3 languages a day. My latest one was the syntax for uppercasing a string in JavaScript.


I still have some muscle memory from PHP times so I always try Array.explode() and wonder why it is not working before remembering that it's Array.split() in JS 😩


LOL! I hadn't worked in PHP in so long and I've completely forgotten about this.

But now it's a bit of a solved problem unless you're using an old editor like Notepad++, Sublime, or Atom. The editors that are timeless (sans Notepad++, and emacs), all seem to have decent LSP (language server protocol) support now to provide "intellisense" for auto-completion and linting at minimum.


unzipping tar.gzip files 🙃


I remember it as - tar extract gZip file
tar -xzf myfile.tgz


Even basic jq filters. That tool is so powerful and awesome, but also a major brainfuck. 😊


This isn't just a #beginners thing. I've been developing for a long time but have mental blocks with certain syntax. I was just writing up a post about the things I have to look up all the time.
For Typescript/Javascript I never remember when to do 'for of' or 'for in' when iterating an array or iterable. No matter what language I am writing in I wind up having to look up the syntax for initializing a Map or Dictionary with a bunch of values.


Indeed not a #beginners only thing! My reasoning behind the tag is so that junior devs can see that it is perfectly normal to search for code 😄

I decided to post this question when I realised that despite having 10 years experience making websites I still need to Google how to add a .css file with <link />


We lose what we don't use


The simplest/stupidest? Bash operator precedence. I have to check Every. Time. But only because it's so weird and stupid! Whoever did this is a sociopath:

Of these list operators, && and || have equal precedence, followed by ; and &, which have equal precedence.


A quick way to kill all sleeping MySQL connections, I've finally put a one-liner together and saved it here.


Anything in PHP that has a haystack and a needle, and the order of arguments for array_map and array_filter. All I remember is that they're different.


Converting an indexOf to a Boolean in JS, every time!


Not code, but the switches for keygen to get the ssh key setup for ya know, everything.


Ditto. I think part of the reason is I rarely do it. I set up a machine then use it for a long time. Fresh machine and it's Google time to get the key generated and the agent working with git properly.


Exactly, same thing for me. I know the command, I know the switches I want, I just don't always remember the specifics of em'! :)


Bash, command line arguments while case esac


CSS Flexbox, every single time. Honestly, I should just bookmark this page: css-tricks.com/snippets/css/a-guid...


CSS pseudo classes and their selectors, almost every time!


Count number of files within a directory in Linux


JavaScript... getting date,month,year part from a Date .


How to read a file in Java line by line.


I used to switch a lot between ruby and JS. Since then I started using capitalize method from ruby in JS. Every single time I have to search why it is not working. facepalm


strftime and strptime in python, every single time. Surely there must be something better than formatting and parsing by arbitrary string formats...


I think I'm finally over it, but declaring properties in c#.


-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;


isEmpty() and isBlank() of StringUtils in Java.


DateFormats, I forget about them all the time.

Oh, and the init stuff for git


Anything related with dates... in any language. Just to make 100% I'm no messing up any timezone.


Yes, splice and slice, so confused.


Usually git commands I use once every 6 months as well as string and datetime formatting.


Regex, and object/array sorting


"C string" and I always forget to do it when no one else is near


Every CSS code is copied from Google in my case🤒


How to link a CSS file to a HTML one... Gets me every time. 😔


Not really code per se, but the debugging arguments for enabling remote debugging on the JVM. Why can they just have a simpler argument like -DremoteDebug.enable or something??


Javascript slice, splice, substr, substring, str