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Tell me a thing that makes your day at work better

vtrpldn profile image Vitor Paladini ・1 min read

A simple discussion to start the week lightly. 😌

Whether it's a cup of your favorite tea or a real good playlist, how do you improve your mood at work?


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Closing a ticket without coding.


Pomodoro technique.

When I have to do something that I don't want to do but I know that is needed, I set an 30 minutes alarm and don't do anything else during that time. Usually, after a few minutes I realize that the problem was not so boring or hard.
If I don't solve the problem in 30 minutes, I make a new decision if I should have one more 30 minutes session or have a break.
I never do more than 3 sessions without breaks, because it drains my energy.


A good chair, a good cup of coffee and a relaxing playlist!


Agree with a good chair, it's the best investment you can make for your home office. Relaxing playlists make me sleepy though, so I usually I go with something more upbeat πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ


Would love a hot cup of coffee! But I always get the cold ones. I hate the weather here in the Philippines.


Back when I could take the dog to work (or back when we had home office during lockdown) I really appreciated being able to take short breaks to focus on the dog, get all the dog cuddles, and get some fresh air walking him.

Other than that - noise cancelling headphones, playlists, and something to take notes/doodle/plan the day helps a lot πŸ’―


Dog mindfulness is best mindfulness.


For me I get up at around 6:00 AM so a good cup coffee is key to starting my day, then I get started review the email notes and case notes from the last 12 hours and based on the events of the last 12 hours I come up with a most important to least important list and go from there.

If I am not in meetings, I have Star Ship Sleeping Quarters play in the background link, due to the area I live being so noise, this is a must.


Love that low rumble, my condo is in front of a busy intersection so I always have something playing on my headphones to drown out the noise.


When a meeting is canceled! Nothing like extra time to focus and churn out some work.


Coffee, obviously.

But mostly when my friends post their #wins and #happiness in our community slack. Especially now when there’s a lot of negative going on, I think it’s important to share our wins and what makes each of us happy.


Clean calendar!

In my role I know I need to take part in meetings, but nothing is nicer than looking at a lot of consecutive blank time in my calendar to get stuff done.


Very true!!
For this, I implemented one no-meeting-day per week. Every Wednesday, there will be zero meetings. :D


Oh, yeah. Knowing that you are going to have time to deep focus is a great feeling indeed!


I normally take an early leave or turn my status to offline if I'm not in a good mood and that actually cuts my speech.
As in , if i'm not okay that day, i'll probably be a lot more rude than I am. No control over my speech whatsoever.

But, I do enjoy a hot chocolate drink or a big cup of cold coffee, every now and then.
Boosts my mood up enough to work and dance at the same time


Some nice Ambient music without any distracting vocals, rhythm or ads really helps me focus.


I listen to the radio every morning the talk show I like


Removing a lot of code that I wrote months/years ago and is no longer needed or used at all.

Less code => less bugs xD


For me, a day starting without any merge conflicts in a large team, is heaven. :P


Starting the day with yoga or a dog walk. Catching up with colleagues (virtually) to discuss our weekends and plan the upcoming week.


Yoga is so great! I've been doing 30min of it before work and it makes me feel super healthy πŸ™πŸ»


A good cup a coffee and a special playlist with all my favorite songs!

Sometimes I need to get up and look outside by the window having a coffee or tea.


A cup of coffee and good tunes definitely help to improve my mood. β˜•οΈ 🎢


Before going to work, i spend arround 1-2 hours with my little son, its making myday more beautiful


Learning to play the piano, and be able to play even a simple piece during break time is incredibly rewarding. It is mindblowing because there's no room for any thoughts πŸ˜‚


When I flow with my work.....
It happens sometimes....


It's from My Neighbor Totoro πŸƒ


I like to read drinking a good coffee, after that I check my notes (I'm using the GTD method) and start to do something.
Nowadays it's works for me.


I tried GTD lots of times but never got really into it. But I kinda do the same with a pen and any piece of paper that might be nearby.


A coffee with my co-working gang


For me it is myNoise, especially during low focus days.


I can happily say that my team is what makes my day at work better


That's great, and a real privilege! The rush of shipping stuff with a real good team is fantastic.


planning the day, waking up early, and a cup of cappuccino help me improve my working mood a lot


Gotta have that caffeine dose β˜•οΈ