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re: When someone is sick, treating the cause of the problem (as opposed to treating the symptom) a better way. I consider the good DX (developer exper...

Nobody is sick. CSS linking works more reliably than anything else.

The code is correct to match the other head elements (paste & go). Adding complexity doesn't help. It's not easier to read or learn really (learn one principle or two).

Next there will be 20 <style something we have to deal with. Meanwhile, everyone is still just making a html page with a couple of images & an input field.

There are many more important issues.

Great point. <style src> isn't probably a good issue as it could add complexity as you mentioned.

Thank you for providing interesting discussion topic because I really haven't thought about what we discussed much until today.

You can use tech to save thousands of lives easily, you can change lives substantially, you can make an immediate difference (not to show off, I have done all of these, thanks to tech).

Either you get hung up on the tiny things or you imagine tomorrow & make something for that, it doesn't have to be perfect. No utopian fallacy. Once you have saved 50 lives with your own code & saw it happen you realize it is important to 'get the job done well'. Your working with value code is the best version.

You don't have to be old or young or rich or poor, you can go out & do it immediately.

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