How do you list social media links on a website without using icons?

Kinyanjui Wangonya on October 10, 2019

I know the easiest way to list social media links is to use icons representing the respective platforms, but have you tried doing it without icons ... [Read Full]
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Awesome resource. The link effects are really nice. I'll definitely be using some of these in my projects. Thanks.


I immediately thought of CSS Tricks footer social links!
I hope it helps 😊


Yeah! I'd never noticed it. Looks awesome. Thanks 😀


Love theese kinds of questions. Alternatives for small things like that is what make some sites unique. I'm thinking about using emojis instead of icons. That would be... something.


Interesting 😄 I'm thinking something like:

🐦 - twitter
👨🏽‍💻 - github
💼 - linkedin

...right? 😅 Of course having the names show on hover or something...
It would be a bit harder for some users to get it but it's a really fun idea.


I've seen things like [tw] @username as a low level kind of icon


Why not use icons for social media links? The user recognizes the icons for FB/Twitter/IG/etc. and knows exactly what to expect so it seems like a best practice to me.


I agree that using icons is the best way. I just want to see other ways people have done it.

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