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re: While I prefer working in vim, I don't hate IDEs. IntelliJ is a resource hog, though, so I USUALLY stay away from that one in particular.

For me, personally, I give IntelliJ about 8-10GB of RAM easily (out of my 16GB present on this machine).

I don’t mind it hogging so many resources if it makes me 5-10x more productive at refactoring—something that I do every 2-5 minutes because I practice proper TDD.

It’s good ROI, I think.


Actually, If I had to give it 60GB, I’d do that as well. I’m quite happy it’s not there yet, though ;)


Haha, on my Pixelbook, I car 8 gigs. When running a Linux VM, I think I have 4 split off. On my old laptop, it shows 6, which boggles my mind, but yeah.

Your reasoning is exactly why I still do use it on my workstation, though! It really is extremely useful.

On my laptop I give it a bit less memory, that's it. That prevents me from opening 4 projects at the same time, but I guess it's alright.

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