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re: Refactoring for me is generally done inside a single module. The stuff and IDE gives me... if I change the method names that are used externally I ...

That sounds quite tedious. A good name is on average achieved on the 9th try.

I want to rapidly rename methods, classes, variables, etc. so that I and my pair can work through at least half of these 9 tries very quickly.

I guess, instead of thinking about the name for a while, I love to just change it on impulse and then analyze how well it reads in the location where I was renaming it.

Without the need to do additional actions except for typing a new name, I can really iterate quickly through different names as I discuss them with my pair.

Now, what about other refactorings? Like: move method from one object to another, extract variable/method, inline variable/method, extract delegate object, extract parameter object, pull up/pull down methods along the hierarchy chain, etc.?

Vim can do all of that either out of the box, through plugins, or through custom functions.

The closest thing that I could find is this:

It’s bearable but it doesn’t have all of what I need. Are there any other plugins that enable this?

Also, it’s not supported for a lot of languages: JS/TS, Kotlin, Swift, Ruby are missing

There also seem to be this plugin: — it looks pretty cool, unfortunately supports only rename refactoring…

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