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re: These ain't code files, it's a job's output to be processed by another system ;)

Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding…

I wouldn’t even try to open these in IDE. This is clearly a job for a robust text editor like Vim, Emacs, Atom, Sublime or Code.

That wouldn’t trigger a full switch for me personally, I’d just open another tool, do what I have to there, and switch back.

In fact, on my previous project, we always had IDE + TextWrangler open at the same time, because we had to work with some huge input/output files as well.

No probs.

Looking back, I'd say that making a full switch was somewhat an overreaction. I inherited this nasty project with giant SQLs producing gigantic XMLs and on top of that the tool I'm working with is blowing up (despite the fact is supposedly supports large files by disabling certain features). I was sad, I made the switch and I'm pretty happy. Probably as soon as I need to spit out some production-grade Java/Kotlin I'll be back to rocking IntelliJ.

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