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re: I think for me I’ve found that most IDEs don’t handle the they way I code well. I’m the type of programmer who types fast, has a hundred files and ...

I think IDEs don’t work for you because they are optimized for different flow: where you type as least as possible. Basically, the IDE should from the context show you the most suitable options, and you should choose 1st or 2nd one. Then you have a bunch of code to which you can apply a few transformations using live templates or shortcuts. Then you start refactoring this code with shortcuts, etc.

So yeah, if you love typing fast and produce a lot of code—great text editor is the best tool for you!

I love to type as least as possible, and make decisions in which direction I want to steer the transformation/growth of the code, and let the machine do the hard work.


Yeah after reading some of your comments it seems like you were more asking from the perspective of projects with bigger teams / larger codebases which I totally agree can benefit from using IDES.

Most of my programming right now is done in the small team / prototype phase of projects which I think has a totally different set of requirements than more established projects and apps.

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