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Automate Sending a Proposal from Dropbox via SendGrid


If your business resolves issues for other businesses or some clients, you might want to send them a proposal justifying that you are the perfect fit. And if you have many potential customers per day, then sending proposals manually can be a difficult task.

Today, we’ll use Wayscript to build a script to Send a proposal from dropbox via Sendgrid.


No prerequisites for this tutorial but here is some documentation you might find useful :


For this post, I’ll use the Text SMS trigger. By sending a text message to (415) WYS-CRPT (+1 415 997 2778), you can easily trigger your script.

The text message body will contain the program name followed by a colon, then any variables values, all separated by commas.

Add it as a trigger.

Adding the Trigger

In this tutorial, the text message will look like this: Send a proposal from DropBox via SendGrid:[email].

Text Message configuration


Wayscript provides a Dropbox module you can use to read or write specific documents. We’ll use this module to extract the text of the proposal and register it in the body of the email in Sendgrid.

Add it as a new module.

Adding DropBox module

Once it’s added, add your account and set the mode to Read File from Dropbox. Set the file type to read and the path of the file.

Configuring Dropbox module

Now, it’s time to choose the outputs. Here we’ll get the full text.

Selecting outputs


Wayscript also provides a Sendgrid module you can use to make amazing and efficient integrations. We’ll use this module to send emails to the customers.

Add it as a new step.

Adding SendGrid module

Once you’ve added the module and added your account, set the mode to simple email. For the inputs, we’ll provide the sender email (our account), the receiver email, and the body of the email.

Configuring the module

Once it’s done, be sure your trigger is on. Every time you’ll send a text message to (415) WYS-CRPT (+1 415 997 2778), the script will run.


Questions about this script or anything else? Join our discord. We're always around to help. If you want to work the full script template, just find it here.

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