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Top 3 CSS effects for beginner

All the credit goes to Code With Bishal
Hey Guys, Welcome to my new post in Dev to, in this post I will show you how you can create great CSS animations that you can put on your website or in your portfolio. These are the top 3 CSS effects/animation of February 2021 which a beginner can make.
Why you should read this Blog?
i. You should read this blog because you will find the top 3 CSS effects which you must use in a website or keep in your portfolio in February 2021.
ii. You can download the codes (for free) by visiting the particular post.
iii. There are images with every post to give you an idea of how it looks.
iv. Registering to the site will be appreciated

1) Button glowing effect.

Button with hover effect
Preview: or click here

2) Responsive Image Gallery [Made using CSS grid]

Responsive Image Gallery.
Preview: or click here

3) Responsive Column cards [can be used to show blogs]

Responsive Column cards
Preview: or click here

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