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What I've learned from my first year of coding and how I got here

Hello everyone 👋 I'm Diego

Today 10 February 2021 is the day that marks my first year of programming and learning web development!

I wanted to tell you my story, the story of a guy who wants to inspire you and motivate you to achieve any goal.


If someone had told me a few years ago that I would have created a website for someone and that they would have paid me for it; or even more, I would have created a meteorological website that would take the weather data and I could use it at my leisure, I would have laughed a lot😂... For days.

Even though I loved technology and being on the PC.

This is because I have always thought that these "things" were really difficult, IMPOSSIBLE😔 for someone like me.

At my house, my younger brother was already doing these "tech-things" at the university; and when I looked at it in front of the PC... To me, it was always the same thought << What the hell are you doing?! I knew that one of them was adopted! >>


In my life I have done so many things, and I have always tried to do what I wanted to do mainly because I get tired easily, and I always want to discover new things, I'm curious.

At 18, I took a flight for New Zealand🥝 without knowing English, knowing only how to make pizzas (yes I'm Italian🇮🇹); in love with the unspoiled nature of that land, I decided that this was the field where I wanted to work.
Back home I started Environmental Sciences University to be at the forefront in safeguarding nature and to be able to study it.

After a couple of years I left the Uni, I got lost in too much study, forgetting about the true nature, so I started to do something concrete, the gardener / arborist but even here after less than two years my motivation dropped because I realized that deep down no one really cared about nature, but it was all business and above all I wanted to use more my brain instead of strength.

Oh, I the meantime I moved to Australia🦘

So, in January 2020, I was lost, not knowing what to do in life (again) or what would light the fire inside me, and I had just turned 29 years old...

I decided to take a few months to think about it and I started farm work here in Australia to get another work visa.


In those days my best friend called me, and he told

<< Hey Diego, I'm studying by myself to become a web developer and I have recently created a website for a restaurant, why don't you give it a look maybe you like it too! >>

So on February 10 I started the Modern HTML & CSS course of Brad Traversy, for fun as a game, to see if something would light up in me.

He did, and how!🤩

Since that day I have never stopped, after that course I continued to study with others;

Created my First Website for my girlfriend

Still not comfortable with JS I've come back to the best teacher (for me) on the Internet, Jonas Schmedtmann with :

Created my My Portfolio and websites for my first customers🤩 :

-The Copper Mill,
-Poppy Planet.

The spark in me now is a fire🔥.

I finally felt that I have found the thing that I would like to do for the rest of my life, that does not tire me, that stimulates me to discover something more every day, that keeps me moving without moving, that has rekindled creativity.

At the moment I'm learning TypeScript , Three.js and I've started to create something with Blender3D like the weather icons in my MeteoTime application.

My next step It'll be learning a framework between Vue.js or React.js

So... lots of fun and lots of new "planets" to explore😁


  • Learning is the most beautiful things that we can do here on earth!

  • Anything can be achieved if you really want it!
    If you can't, it's probably an excuse.

  • The guy who believed it was impossible to understand what his brother was doing, he can now read and write these codes without having fear! Alt Text and create this: MeteoTime.

Alt Text


  • Everyone has their times to discover their own passions.

  • Do/research something you really like, remember life is only one, don't waste it!

  • Everyone has their times to reach a goal and don't get upset if you compare with others that get the same goal faster, but learn how they did it.

  • I still have to make pizzas in the night for survive and study every morning to change my career, it's not absolute easy, it is not easy for everyone, but this gives me the boost to get to the goal and also remember me the reason why I'm working hard.

  • As in real life, programming teach you that you have to continue learning, learning from errors and if you encounter them on the way, fix them.

  • I wrote this function to reach your goal/dream is :
    Alt Text


Only one thing can break this function...a pizza🍕 in front of you!...Ciao!!😁👋

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