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This seems to be pretty narrow minded. The implication is that as somebody who's worked in tech for 25 years, but has no children, that I don't have perspective, can't be supportive, and don't have priorities figured out.

Perhaps we could stop writing tech blog posts about how parents/women/men/whites/blacks/gay/straight/conservative/liberal/old/young/etc people are better to work with, and understand that the key thing that makes a good workplace is a diverse range of people with different outlooks, priorities and perspectives?


mark: "we need a diverse range of people!"
also mark: "...please don't blog about any of those people"


Correction: "Please don't blog about a team of people who are good and attribute it to the fact that they are parents. It belittles their achievements, and misses the fact that they may just be good because they are good, and that having kids has nothing to do with it."


That is not what she said at all, she is literally just pointing out the strength of one demographic that is usually looked over in tech. She is not saying it's to the exclusion of others (she even mentions that she isn't a parent herself).

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