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re: If the main metric for success for an API is payload size, then the implementations of GraphQL are tough to beat. Though there is nothing stopping ...

I think you're confusing GraphQL with a certain implementation of it. It's as flexible as you build it to be. There's a convention relay uses for pagination, but that's completely optional. If you want to add next and prev and page number, go for it. Same goes with caching. You may be using an instance that doesn't handle caching the way you want, but caching has nothing to do with GraphQL itself or any errors other than syntax. It's up to the one managing the API service to handle these things, as they define how GraphQL can interface with their systems. GraphQL isn't a javascript or php module, it's just a more abstract language specification

Iā€™m speaking more about the entire GraphQL ecosystem in my comment. The stories around what I mentioned are fuzzy and developing over time. You are right, the implementation is up to the providers and the issues are not addressed in the spec.

The HTTP ecosystem on the other hand has several widespread specs and implementations for these things.

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