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Discussion on: Web components in 2021: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Westbrook Johnson

Agreed about extensions of built-ins, it would be really nice if Safari would just get over that and ship it, but it's better to move on than to fume on it too much at our level, even if there's a relatively small polyfill for them: We should look at trying to get it separated/removed from the web components spec so that it's easier to do so, IMO. Then, we can focus on more agreeable/likely to ship x-browser specs like Element Internals.

Once you've had some time with Form Associated Custom Elements, I hope you'll share updated thoughts on the path forward with web components so we all can check them out!

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Émile Perron Author


I will experiment with the Form Associated Custom Elements in the next few days/weeks, and I'll update this article or make a new one about my thoughts and experience if it's worthwhile!

Thanks again for all this great information 🙌

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Émile Perron Author

@westbrook , you really helped big time with these comments today.

I just toyed around for 10-15 mins while reading the CSS-Tricks article you mentioned, and that was enough time to successfully turn my globally-styled inputs into a working input web component.

I expect I have a ton more work ahead to ensure it's as accessible and fully-featured as a regular input, but it is great to have a working and supported(-ish) solution to this problem!

I'll definitely make another article about this once I get enough time in. 👍