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re: Awesome and curated myth list, Benny! Currently, we are creating a design system in my company, but we are thinking in throw away using Web Compone...

I've gotten stung by your point about the icon colors inheriting before as well. If you use SVG based icons, maybe we've been running into it for the same reasons. When I've had the issue you outline it's been because I've forgotten to use currentColor in my SVG attributes. It's easy to get an SVG that looks great out of the box and push it directly into my project, but if the fill or stroke or color attributes have fixed colors in them they'll quickly clash with some insertion point in my project. If you were interested in sharing a little more details in regards to your ck-icon elements, I'm sure we would both have something to learn from each other!

Benny's point about making sure to use things like color: inherit;, etc. is also really important as between the use of these two techniques and possibly CSS Custom Properties if absolutely needed, you should be able to maintain full control over your icon delivery, regardless of the context.

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