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What is a suitable Cryptocurrency for making investment in 2020?

Every year, more and more investors are attracted to an amazing trading tool known as cryptocurrency. There is a huge amount of growth seen from 2013 onwards. Now, people can choose from 5000+ varieties of cryptocurrencies to trade from. This popularity is because of a single major factor known as the Blockchain Technology. This advanced technology is a base of all the cryptocurrencies and offers high returns on the invested amount.
Before investing in any kind of cryptocurrency, several factors need to be considered like the purpose of investment, platforms, transparency, liquidity rate and the duration involved. ROI performance history should also be properly analyzed before investing in any of them. For persons who are just new to cryptocurrency, can buy it in fractions, which make it affordable to buy for any person.

According to the considerations mentioned above, two major cryptocurrencies can be looked upon for trading-

  1. Bitcoins- When you talk about buying a cryptocurrency, the first thing that still comes to the mind is the Bitcoin because of the dominance in the market. It has high liquidity levels which hugely benefit the investors, thus imparting a lot of trust in the minds of investors. So, considering Bitcoin as an investment option is most feasible, although it is a bit expensive.

  2. White Bitcoins- White Bitcoins (WBTC) are lower in price as compared to Bitcoins, although it offers similar benefits. This latest and advanced variant of traditional Bitcoin is safe as well as promises prominent returns.
    Bitcoins, whether traditional Bitcoin or White Bitcoin (WBTC), offer great opportunities for the investors. They are also considered as the safe options for traders and investors who are amateur in the field of cryptocurrencies.

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