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Discussion on: What is BEM in CSS?

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Salma Alam-Naylor Author • Edited

I would usually do this:

.block_elementOne > .block_elementOneHead

However, as usual with web dev, it depends.

If .elementOne could exist as its own ‘block’, then what you have suggested is fine. However, if it’s an intrinsic element of ‘.block’ and shouldn’t exist outside of ‘.block’, then with this system, it should always be prefixed with ‘.block__’.

As people have suggested, class names can get incredibly long with BEM. However there are always trade offs in any system. As the article states – pick a system and make it work for you. ☺️

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Thomas Dufranne

You are right, i think the fact that an element can or not exist by itself is a good point to define the class name.
Alright, thanks Salma for the clarification !

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Salma Alam-Naylor Author

Happy to help! ☺️