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Discussion on: How I write articles

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William Alencar

Thanks per your article ...

I am procrastinating start writing afraid to not found a good platform to host my articles.

What do you suggest to someone that really want to focus on Content ... without lost focus with hundreds of options like usually seen in WORDPRESS for example ?

Thanks in advance

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Kenny John Jacob 📘 Author • Edited

This is a great question and I am glad you asked. I had the same problem, and that is why you don't see hundreds of articles on my profile. 😅

If you are into the dev space, I think or hashnode are good options.
If you are writing generally, I think medium is a good option.

One point I want to emphasize is that you should stop the search for the perfect platform, because it doesn't exist. Just narrow your search to 2 or 3 platforms, and then pick the one that you think is the best from that.

You starting to write now and having say 50 articles the same time next year is better than searching for the perfect platform and still having 0 articles same time next year. 💙

If you want to discuss further, we can have a call, just DM me on twitter and we can set a time 🙂