Why is integration testing important?

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In our testing condition, the greater part of the organizations and association centers around start to finish testing. All things considered, start to finish testing is vital, however, it needs to cover the genuine use cases. The majority of the analyzers invested 80% of the energy discovering fundamental bugs as opposed to chipping away at the genuine use cases.

With the correct testing procedure and discharge plan, in reality, there is in every case less time or no ideal opportunity for testing continuous use cases.

The greater part of the business and association have adjusted uniquely to the Unit testing and Functional testing. It's a portion of the association that has the Integration testing in the testing life cycle.

Integration testing is a methodology where modules are created, and testing of modules consistently begins at the best degree of the programming chain of command and proceeds towards the lower levels. It's the augmentation of unit testing. Integration testing takes a littler unit of unit testing and tests their conduct as the entirety.

What does it require to have integration testing?

In particular, it requires a Developer with Tester's disposition.

The executive's consolation to construct a solid Test group that might work and adopts the thought process of an analyzer with advancement ranges of abilities.

Test Automation Developers need to think past the composing test after the item assembled yet at the beginning phase of improvement.

Test are composed from the very first moment of the advancement cycles

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