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Lots of good answers here, but I'd like to add that, due to JavaScript's history, people don't learn it the way they do other languages.

In my experience, when people pick up languages like Python or any of the C family, they grab a book and work through it. Along the way, they're learning how the language works and the ins and outs of how to solve problems using that language. So, things like syntax, common patterns, and the quirks of that language are naturally introduced.

With JavaScript though, new people just start grabbing at tutorials that show them HOW to do some specific thing or HOW to use some new framework. At no point are they learning actual JavaScript.

Learning React, Angular, Ember, Lodash, or any other plug and chug tool is not learning JavaScript. Going through a "What's new in ES6!" blog post is not learning JavaScript. Even learning Node is not learning JavaScript.

Read You Don't Know JS, all of it and actually LEARN JavaScript.


You know, I never thought about it, but this makes so much sense. Fantastic points.

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