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One in JS

hostName is based on a quick reading of the spec and should cope with usernames and ports. Uniform_Resource_Identifier on wikipedia

salientSubdomain is the human-readable part of a domain name host as reqd. It just clips off www's and TLD's, with a little complication to handle non-matching strings cleanly.

const hostName = url => /^(?:[^:]+:\/\/(?:[^@\/?]+@)?([^:\/?]+))?/.exec(url)[1]
const salientSubdomain = url => /^(?:(?:www\.)?(.+?)(?:\.[a-zA-Z]+)?)?$/.exec(domainName(url)||'')[1]

const testUrls = [



[ "", "", "", "", "a.b.c.d", undefined, "" ]
[ "twitter", "github", "youtube", "google", "a.b.c", undefined, "" ]

The hostname extractor regex looks fairly funky but isn't too bad if you break it down into parts...
Regular expression visualization
(vis by Debuggex, which rocks)

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