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re: "this is basically impossible to work with in Elm" Then you should use a language which allows this. Elm doesn't try to be everything to everyone,...

We surely did move to another language.

However, I have used Elm since very first release and have seen it deteriorate. In the never-ending effort to "stay friendly to beginners", many important features are not implemented or removed in later versions.

Informed discussion about it is also not really possible, in particular because of typophobic comments like yours: "go back to your own country with your Fancy Types".

There is a certain glass ceiling in Elm that everyone eventually will run into...

And also, please note that people are not suggesting totally crazy shit, like asking Evan to add linear dependent types or something.

Think about it: we have theoretical tools for UIs such as reactive programming & profunctor optics, which are perfect for advanced UI programming and which would be so awesome to have in Elm. They would make many many things much simpler...

See, I've used Elm for a long time too and in my opinion it has only improved. While the features you want might seem important to you, they don't seem that way to me as I've yet to experience that I'm blocked on some issue because of a missing feature in Elm.

While I'm aware that there are things Elm doesn't suit for because it might miss some feature or another, I would personally expect Elm to incorporate features once it has a good design for it, that doesn't deteriorate some of the best things about Elm (like being a small language that generally does what you'd expect and gives great error messages when something is wrong).

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