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Generally I put up a PR that fills all the story requirements, if it's obviously too big, sure I'll break them up. As it is, I'm relied on to review almost everyone else's PRs regardless of size, which obviously takes up a sizeable chunk of my day, so I'm well aware of the danger of excessively big PRs.

As for commenting on my own PRs, yes I do that but I try to avoid it, if something needs explaining and it can't readily be done by writing clearer code, then the explanation is probably better off in the code comments. But if it's explaining, e.g, why I've deleted a bunch of code, then sure.

I wouldn't say our team is under unrealistic pressure, but the main reason we struggle to get things done quickly is often because PRs are waiting for review!

Understand about the "concerned-I'm-not-qualified" problem but I've repeatedly emphasised that it's primarily about having a second pair of eyes go over the code (plus an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the code-base etc.). None of our team are that wet behind the ears anyway, but obviously they have varying levels of experience in certain technologies.

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Isaac Lyman

Sounds like your ducks are in a row then. Maybe it's just Bystander Effect? Maybe you can schedule a half hour with a specific dev and walk them through your PR, then ask for an approval right then and there.