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I am deep in CLI hell, and I’m loving it. Developing from a windows machine is new to me, and it’s been a blast trying to get things working together.

I created “profiles” for Visual Studio Code and aliased them in git-bash via cmder, because I’ve ended up with 50 extensions spanning across C#, F#, Markdown, TypeScript, etc. I even made one for Mermaid because I’ve been tinkering with that repository a bit.
Each one of these profiles has an integrated terminal, e.g., Anaconda for Python.

In the process I’ve duplicated some things (aliases mostly), let some things go (oh-my-zsh on Ubuntu, because WSL still crawwwlllls along when any I/O is involved), and discovered that the PATH environment variable has a character limit.

Meanwhile, some commands are different on MacOS (looking at you, Conda), and I need to know those, too, to support other members of my team.

I can’t tell you how many times a day I try to use grep instead of findstr or dir instead of ls.

Still, in all the chaos, Git is the one tool I have that works almost anywhere, and yet I find myself using the GUI on VS Code because it’s beauiful and loaded with extensions.

Clearly, you really can have it both ways and move throughout your day without shaming anyone.

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