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What are the Essential Factors that Influence the Success of Mobile Apps?

In the present age, we are living at a convenient pace which is a much-needed thing in our lives. This is possible only because of mobile applications. It is witnessing unexpected growth nowadays. According to the report, mobile applications are generating revenue of $188.9 billion in the upcoming years.

With the increase in the latest technology, mobile applications are possible with better and innovative ideas. The benefits of a mobile app are to offer seamless navigation, flawless performance, and aesthetic appeal.

To develop mobile applications, there are many factors to be considered while building mobile applications. With the innovation in mobile applications, it is the right time to utilize the mobile market to the fullest. But some of the major challenges faced by the developers while building a mobile application is the approach of development, a suitable platform to consider, and so on.

In this informative era, I’ll make you understand the factors to be considered before starting building your own mobile applications, the advantages of having mobile applications, and so on. Before going into the technicalities, let me tell you the stats of mobile applications in today’s world.

If you are ready, let us have a straight look into it,

Statistics of mobile phone usage

Considering 4.8 billion of users are using mobile phones in the current world. China ranks first place in the usage of smartphones with 851 million users. The second place goes to India with 705 million users and the third-highest smartphone users are the United States with 260million users.

In 2019, adult spending on the mobile phone is 3 hours 43 minutes per day and expected to reach 3 hours 54 minutes by 2021.

As the world gets more informative, 69% of the users are spending to look for reviews on their phones and for product specifications.

Nearly 66% of users are using their mobile phones for the usage of shopping apps.

Factors to be considered while developing a mobile app:
Choosing the right Platforms

First of all, if you want to target your audience, it is necessary to choose the major platforms. The major platforms are either Android and iOS that depend on the priorities.

According to the report, android platforms have captured nearly 80.2% of users. Meanwhile, iOS trails behind at 14.8% and the most secure platform too. When choosing the platforms for mobile applications, it is important to know the highest number of users. So that it will be easy to capture more audiences on the right platforms and at the right time.

Have a good understanding of market research

After you got the concept and platform for your mobile applications. It is important to understand the situation of the current market trends. Building an app with in-depth market research helps in obtaining insights into the current market trends and competitors.

It helps you to come up with a better plan, meet the audience’s expectations, and helps you to stand apart from the competitors.

Focus on users expectations

Building an app by focusing the target audience is the most vital factor. It is important to focus mainly on users’ expectations that the app should be highly intuitive and user friendly. Hence it is important to consider what they want and it should meet the customer’s needs as well.


Design plays an important role while building mobile applications. The main reason for focusing on design is providing a better user experience and makes your app look appealing. Grow your user base with a better user experience by focusing on design.

The benefits of focusing on design

  1. Improved user experience
  2. Makes your look more appealing
  3. Helps you provide better functionality
  4. Provides unique experience
  5. Pick the right set of features

The next important aspect of developing a mobile application is features to be included. The most vital features are notifications, live tracking, direct calling, messaging, GPS should be integrated with your applications. It helps detect and enhance user presence and experience.

Hence it is important to select the set of features to be integrated that is most essential for the users and the unnecessary features to be omitted.

Choose the right technology stack

Implementing features alone will not be essential for building applications. Technology also has the greatest power on how your applications work and also predicts the performance of the future. It also helps influence the scalability of the applications.

Benefits of choosing apt technology

Provides flexibility

Increases speed of code execution in the application
Helps increases the speed and performance of the app
Provides smoother experience

Cost of development

While building an app, the cost of development plays a vital role. It is essential to calculate the total cost of development in all the stages of development.

While tracking the cost of development for mobile applications, it involves some most vital factors including requirements, design based on customization, types of platforms - iOS and Android, and if any extra features and functionalities are added.

A preplanned cost estimation helps reduce the complexity of building the app.

Benefits of having mobile applications

Mobile applications are growing, today’s trend and have become the power of the consumers. With no time to wait, it becomes the modernistic solution to today’s users.

Some of the benefits are

  1. More Convenient
  2. Easy and smooth browsing
  3. Time savvy
  4. Reliable
  5. Easy access Boosting customer engagement Automatic update


I hope now you clearly understood the important factors while building mobile applications and also uber clone app solutions. So are you ready to build your own mobile applications for any kind of online business? The mobile app is going to be the standard component and gonna decide the future credibility of your business.

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